It’s bedtime and you need to fall asleep because tomorrow is a new day and you have work, school or other duties to perform. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! Many people have trouble falling asleep even though they’re tired. If you’re one of them, keep reading – we have some clever hacks for falling asleep that are all backed by science.

There are numerous reasons why you might be having a hard time falling asleep – stress, your diet, even electronic equipment. Us human beings can get through a lot, but the surrounding environment and our own habits affect us in the most unexpected ways.

8 Science-approved hacks for falling asleep

Worry not. There’s always a solution, including for insomnia. Try some of these simple sleep hacks to catch some quality ZZZs and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

Read a book or a magazine

If you decide to put your smartphone, tablet and other electronic devices you may have away and grab a book in bed then you’re making a wise choice. Reading a book is a great way to relax but beware! Pick one that’s not too interesting. Yes, reading a book you really love can overstimulate your brain and make you want to keep turning those pages. Now, you don’t want to realize you’re still reading at 2 A.M, right? Sometimes boring is good.

Set a sleep schedule

It might be difficult to sleep on a schedule at first, but stick to it and you’ll find it gets easier as days go by. Remember, your body loves an established routine. Just like you’ll end up falling asleep easier, you will also wake up feeling more refreshed. And who knows, perhaps at some point you won’t even need to set an alarm anymore.

Sleep in a cool environment

The temperature of the human body is lower during sleep which is why we always get a better quality rest in a cooler environment (not freezing of course). Make sure it’s not too warm in your room and for God’s sake get your dog his own bed!

Eat healthy

I think you might just fall asleep for hearing this advice too often. However, a healthy diet that has a balanced intake of protein from various sources, vegetables and fruits will not only help your body function better in general but it will also optimize your levels of magnesium and other important minerals. In the end, it will also help you fall asleep easier and get a better night’s rest.

Turn off your electronics

All those flashing LEDs emit blue light just like the one found in natural daylight. This basically tells our brain it’s still daytime, which is the last thing you need at 11 P.M. when you’re trying to doze off. So, turn off your devices or just keep them in a different room to avoid being exposed to blue light during night time.

Warm milk really works

There’s still an ongoing scientific debate regarding the effect of tryptophan (also contained by milk) as a sleep aid but it turns out drinking warm milk before bedtime may work for a different reason. Psychologists seem to agree that drinking warm milk might be linked to the childhood experience of breastfeeding in our subconscious which is why it can help us relax and fall asleep easier.

Try meditation

I’m sure for many of you meditation might seem silly but it really isn’t especially if you’re having trouble falling asleep from being too stressed. Here’s the thing – when you’re stressed your mind is hyperactive, and obviously not in a good way. Meditation can help you calm your mind and mayve even find some solutions for whatever problems you’re having.

No caffeine after 3 P.M.

It’s simple right? Then stop sipping from that cup of Joe after 3 P.M. According to studies, that’s the time of the day when you should stop your caffeine intake (green tea and chocolate, especially the dark kind are no exception) if you want to improve sleep quality and also fall asleep faster.

Have you tried any of our hacks for falling asleep and do you know others that work?

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