Flipping through a book’s pages provides a unique feeling but these days ebooks are becoming more and more popular simply because you can store hundreds and thousands of them on a tablet or an ebook reader which is very practical.

Some of the most widely used ebook formats are EPUB and MOBI which is why you might often need to convert EPUB to MOBI ebooks, especially if you own a Kindle that only supports the latter.

How to convert EPUB to MOBI ebooks for free

There are plenty of methods that allow you to convert EPUB to MOBI ebooks for free, and we’ll show you some of the easiest ones. We’ll cover both apps and online services for the most common platforms, specifically Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Calibre (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Calibre is one of the most well know free ebook library managers and it supports conversion between numerous formats. What interests us at the moment is it also allows us to convert EPUB to MOBI ebooks.

Once you download Calibre and install it on your PC, open it and drag and drop your EPUB file on top of its window.

A copy of your file will be automatically created in Calibre’s Library folder. Right-click on the book and select Convert books -> Convert individually from the drop-down menus.

To continue, set the input format to “EPUB” and the output format to “MOBI” using the dedicated menus. Click the OK button to start the conversion.

Once the processing is complete, you can see your newly converted MOBI ebook in the app’s Library folder and move it to another location on your computer. Just right-click on the ebook in the Library folder and select “Open containing folder” to access it.

Kindle Previewer (Windows, Mac)

Kindle Previewer is an application designed by Amazon that allows us to preview ebooks on PCs and see how they would look when displayed on a Kindle. While it’s great to test how various ebooks look on a Kindle, you can also use it to quickly convert EPUB ebooks to the MOBI format on both Windows and Mac computers.

Download and install Kindle Previewer and launch the app. Load the EPUB file you want to convert by dragging and dropping it on Kindle Previewer’s interface.

The app will notify you that it’s compiling the ebook.

When the conversion process is complete, you will receive a notification that the book was successfully compiled. Click the blue link in “The output file has been generated here” notification to access the MOBI file. Then, you’ll be able to move it to a different location and optionally give it another name.

Epub to Mobi (Windows only)

Epub to Mobi has a pretty straightforward name Рthe free tool lets you convert EPUB to MOBI ebooks but not just one by one, you can also do it with multiple ebooks at the same time thanks to its support for batch operations.

It relies on Amazon’s Kindlegen engine, just like Kindle Previewer although for this app, you will need to download that file from Amazon and move it into the correct folder on your computer (no worries, we’ll show you how to do it below).

Start by downloading Epub to Mobi and installing it on your PC. Then, download Kindlegen and extract its contents into a folder.

Copy the “kinglegen.exe” file from the folder you just extracted and paste it into Epub to Mobi’s installation folder. In most cases, it will be “C:\Program Files\EPUB TO MOBI” or on 64-bit Windows versions it will be C:\Program Files (x86)\EPUB TO MOBI\”.

You can also skip this step for now and wait for the app to warn you when you try to convert some files (more on that below). However, keep in mind you will need administrative permissions to do this.

Launch Epub to Mobi and use the File->Add Files menu to load one or more EPUB files into the program. Go to the File menu, select Convert, choose the output folder and hit the OK button.

Online EPUB to MOBI conversion tools

If you don’t want to install an app just for converting EPUB to MOBI, you can always rely on online tools. One of the best choices is 2EPUB¬†– this website allows you to upload files using its Browse button.

Note that 2EPUB’s upload limit is 25 MB so if your files are larger than that you will need to repeat the conversion until you process all of them. The service also lets you change the text encoding and edit the title and author information, although this is completely optional.

Once your files are converted, right-click on each book and use the “Save as” dialog to download them or click the ‘files.zip’ link to download all your ebooks.

There are other reliable online tools you could try, such as Free File Converter, and Convert.Files. They both work great, so choosing one is just a matter of personal preferences.

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