Microsoft has officially come up with their own version of a communication and sharing application (one that might even come in really handy if you’re someone that uses five different communication platforms for five different things); they’re calling it ‘My People’. It was supposed to be included in the latest Creators Update for Windows but unfortunately, it just wasn’t ready in time.

According to the good folks at Microsoft, it’s definitely supposed to be included in the next major update (along with some other things), but you can try it earlier than that if you’d like since it also happens to have made a small appearance in the most recent Windows Insider release (otherwise known as Build 16184). If you’re interested in trying it out before it’s officially rolled out in its full capacity, you can do it in just a few easy steps:

How to do it

1. Go to the Windows store.

2. Make sure that your Mail, People, and Skype applications are all completely up to date.

3. Click on ‘My People’ (you should be able to easily find it by using the taskbar,

4. Follow the steps provided.

And that’s it! Once you have the ‘My People’ application set up, here’s what you’re able to do with it:

– Pin people to the taskbar (like every other communication application out there, Microsoft will suggest who it thinks you should add. If who they choose isn’t to your liking, you can feel free to add whoever you’d like without their help). Right now you can only add up to three people, but that’s supposed to change with the official release.
– Look at and interact with all of your communication apps in one handy place (which can be further filtered for each person).
– Pick whichever application you prefer to chat from. ‘My People’ will remember your preferences and use them whenever you’re logged in.

If you’re someone that uses a bunch of different communication applications for different things, you might find this new Microsoft application to be incredibly useful.

In addition to a full rollout of ‘My People’, here’s what else you can expect from Microsoft’s next update:

Will you be trying out the new ‘My People’ app? Why or why not?

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